Sewer Collection Maintenance

The Town's sewer collection system includes 140 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 160 miles of stormwater lines. The sewer collection system is maintained by six full-time Wastewater employees assisted by cross-trainedLarge, purple sewer collection maintenance truck Street and Wastewater departments personnel. They work to maintain sanitary sewers, clean storm lines and lift stations, and various other jobs. Their main equipment is a vacuum truck to clean and vacuum out sewer lines and manholes. Another asset is a camera capable of driving through sewer lines as small as 8 inches and recording any problem areas.

If you are aware of a sewer problem, please call (317) 852-1114 to report the problem.

Why Sewers Need to Be Inspected & Cleaned

Sewers need to be inspected and cleaned in order to:

  • Evaluate where repairs need to be made
  • Help prevent blockages and backups
  • Keep the sewer system operating properly
  • Remove debris such as roots, sand and trash

Sewer Cleaning Notices

The Town notifies residents with door hangers when sewer maintenance equipment will be in your neighborhood. A white box truck houses a remote sewer camera used to televise the sewers and manholes. A large purple tank truck that has nozzles and devices that jets water, cuts roots, and vacuums out debris.

In order for the collection personnel to maintain our sewers, they need access to sanitary manholes. Please don't landscape over or around any manhole on your property. Our personnel may need access to these structures at any time, day or night.