Fall Tree Sale

Fall Tree Sale

For our Fall Tree Sale, we partner with Tree City USA to support urban reforestation right here in Brownsburg!

All trees come in 3-gallon nursery pots.

Sale: September 1 – 29

Residents of 46112 will have their trees delivered between October 3-6. Non-residents can pick up their trees beginning October 3 at the Parks Administrative Office (402 E. Main St.), Monday-Friday between the hours of 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Tree Price Mature Height Mature Width Light Preference Soil Preference Facts
American Redbud $24.25 20'-30' 30' Full Sun/ Partial Shade Acidic, Alkaline, Clay, Loamy, Moist, Rich, Sandy

Rosy pink flowers appear in April. Reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then to yellow. Forms a spreading, graceful crown.
Black Gum $25 30'-50' 20'-30' Full Sun/ Partial Shade Well-drained, Acidic
Summer leaves are a dark green with a high-gloss appearance, but the most spectacular part of this tree is the fall foliage with many shades of yellow, orange, bright red, purple or scarlet that may appear on the same branch. Bark matures to medium gray and resembles alligator hide. Fruit is bluish-black and is loved by many birds
Bur Oak $26.25 70'-80' 70'-80' Full Sun
Tolerant of various moisture and soil conditions
Adapts well to urban settings. Its fringed acorns are food for wildlife. Offers dense shade and is a very long-lived and slow-growing tree.
Kentucky Coffeetree $24.75 60'-75' 40'-50' Full Sun
Adaptable to a variety of soils
Drought-resistant. Tolerant of pollution. Adaptable to a variety of soils. Widely used as an ornamental or street tree.
Tulip Poplar $26.50 70'-90' 40' Full Sun Acidic, Loamy, Moist, Sandy, Well-Drained, Clay
Indiana’s State Tree is a fast-growing tree with bright green leaves that resemble tulip flowers in profile and turn golden yellow in fall. Greenish-yellow flowers are carried high in the tree. Stems are aromatic.
White Pine $26.25 50'-80' 20'-30' Full Sun/ Partial Shade Acidic, Moist, Well-drained, Wet A fast growing hardy evergreen. That grows in a broad pyramidal form, making it an excellent screen and windbreak tree.

Fall Tree Sale begins on September 1. Purchase a tree online.

Fall Tree Sale Refunds

Any refund request made after the order date for tree sale purchases will be denied. Refund Request may be submitted up to one week after pick-up/delivery if suspected damage or lack of life is visible upon delivery. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to notify Brownsburg Parks of any unusual growth conditions such as no leaves, leaves dropping, bark cracks, insects, etc. within one week of pick-up/delivery.  Additional documentation may be required as evidence of such circumstances and a refund will not be granted without submission of the documentation requested by Brownsburg Parks. Eligibility and refund amount will be determined by Brownsburg Parks’ administrative office.

All refunds will be denied due to purchaser’s negligence to water trees regularly, failure to fertilize, physical damage caused by purchaser/animals or any other natural cause such as lightning, tornadoes, drought, flooding, frost, etc. Pending the time of the refund request, a replacement tree may not be available for a 4-6 month period due to seasonal conditions.

Request a Refund through our online form.