Prescription Drug Dropbox

Proper disposal of unwanted medicines and keeping them from being flushed down a toilet or washed down a drain is critical to protecting our drinking water. Prescription drug abuse continues to plague our communities and law enforcement recognizes that removing unwanted medicines (especially heavy-duty pain killers) from our homes keeps us safer from criminals looking for drugs to sell or take themselves. Additionally, getting unwanted drugs out of houses reduces accidental poisonings of children.

Original Containers

Users of the drop boxes should leave medicines in the original containers. Personal information may be removed or marked out, but users' personal information will be protected. No needles, syringes, mercury thermometers, or other wastes should be disposed of in the drop boxes. Medicines deposited in the boxes should be from consumers only.

Routinely Emptied

The drop boxes are routinely emptied by local law enforcement officers who deliver them to Covanta in Indianapolis as part of the company's Prescription for Safety (Rx4Safety) Program. The medicines are incinerated, free-of-charge, through the program.

Six Drop Boxes in Hendricks County

Drop Boxes in Hendricks County