K9 Unit

The Brownsburg Police Department has four K9 teams for the agency, with one team assigned to each shift.  Each K9 has a specially trained officer as handler.  Together they completed an initial 5-6 week course specific to their area of expertise. 

The K9 team assists officers in the following areas:

  • Apprehension of suspects that have committed felony crimes
  • Building searches for suspect
  • Narcotics Detection in vehicles and structures
  • Locating lost persons
  • Locating articles or evidence used in the commission of a crime
  • Tracking suspects that are fleeing or avoiding police

Brownsburg Police K9s are kenneled and cared for at their handler’s residence.

K9 Caro


 The Brownsburg Police Department will gratefully accept donations to assist with funding and offset the cost of equipment, training, food and other items needed to run a successful K9 program. 

Detection Demonstrations

Brownsburg Police Department will facilitate K9 demonstrations for schools, organizations and at events upon request.  K9 demo