Safety Education

Safety Education

The Brownsburg Fire Territory is committed to providing the community with fire and life safety education. The Territory's goal is to reduce the loss of life and property with a wide range of programs and services. These programs are designed to promote fire safety behavior for children, adults, and seniors. The following are some of the programs that are administered free of charge to Town of Brownsburg and Brown and Lincoln Township residents.

Children Listening to Fire Staff Member

Fire Station Tours

Station tours are scheduled by the Brownsburg Fire Territory Administrative staff. This is a wonderful opportunity for citizens to come out and experience a fire station, meet the fire crews and learn about the fire apparatus used by our department. Many scout groups, church groups, day care centers, and other community organizations have taken advantage of this opportunity.

The recommended number of people attending a station tour should be between 5 and 20 and all ages are welcome. For more information please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Safety Talks

A fire crew may be available to host a safety talk to larger community groups throughout the territory. This opportunity provides public safety information on such topics as: fire safety, water safety, and life safety. The Brownsburg Fire Territory may send crews to schools, Block Watch events and organized neighborhood meetings, church groups, daycare centers, and other organized community meetings.

Some brochures and handouts on injury prevention topics may be provided by the Brownsburg Fire Territory. Safety Talks require a two-week notice and please keep in mind that crews are still in-service and may need to respond to 911 calls. For more information please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

School or Daycare Visits

Firefighters and a fire truck are available to visit school and daycare facilities. Children can tour inside a fire engine and view a firefighter dressing up in their turnout gear. Age-appropriate fire safety lessons are given, such as what to do when a smoke detector goes off. Fire safety messages like "Stop, Drop & Roll," "Crawl Low and Go," and "Call 911" are discussed. Educational and promotional materials are provided to each student. For more information please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Adult Safety Education for Businesses, Civic Groups, Organizations

Fire safety education presentations can be given to Brownsburg businesses, of any kind, with adult audiences. This program is designed to provide information for on-the-job fire safety practices. Topics include evacuation procedures, electrical safety, maintaining exits and stairway clearances, home fire safety, and fire extinguisher training. The presentation is free to any interested business or civic group. A presentation session can run from thirty minutes to one hour.

Fire Extinguisher Training

If your company or organization needs fire extinguisher training for OSHA requirements, please contact a fire extinguisher company such as Koorsen Fire & Security or Ryan Fire Protection.

If your company or organization wants general education on fire extinguishers, a representative from Brownsburg Fire Territory can make a presentation on how to use chemical fire extinguishers. The presentation includes a PowerPoint with the opportunity to ask questions and typically lasts under an hour.

You can also visit Fire Equipment Manufacturer's Association, Inc. for online fire extinguisher education training. A short video and on-line presentation with a quiz are available. This education is provided by Fire Equipment Manufacture’s Association, Inc.

Community Events

The Brownsburg Fire Territory is available to participate in community events to promote fire and life safety. Participation may include a presentation by local firefighters and department personnel and/or an interactive fire or life safety booth at community events. Use the form below to schedule your event. Be sure to contact us at least two weeks before your event date.