Master Plans

A master plan is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. It is based on public input, surveys, planning initiatives, existing development, physical characteristics, and social and economic conditions. View the Town of Brownsburg's current master plans.

Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

The Town of Brownsburg plans for future development and growth within Brownsburg by following a Comprehensive Plan (PDF). Updated in 2019, this plan sets forth long-range recommendations for the maintenance and enhancement of existing neighborhoods and commercial areas as well as advanced strategies for sustainable growth and development within the community. The plan is created with community input.

Town of Brownsburg 2022 Strategic Plan (PDF) 

This strategic roadmap is grounded in a new progressive, forward -thinking methodology. One that analyzes micro - and macro -economic factors against industry drivers, challenges and opportunities. Through illumination of both perspectives, we can leverage our strengths, capitalize on opportunities, and minimize headwinds on municipal governments. 

Based on comprehensive analysis and internal collaboration from staff and the Town Council, our 2022 Strategic Plan maps a new future – one that strengthens our competitive position through infusion of investment. Investment in our people, our neighborhoods, our partners, and the customer segments we are proud to serve.  

Active Transportation Plan (PDF)

In order to continue serving existing residents of Brownsburg while attracting new residents, the Town must continue to develop new and improved amenities. A vital part of this is the bicycle and pedestrian system, or the Active Transportation System. As transportation systems continue to evolve the focus on the automobile as the primary source of travel will continue to change. Providing a complete system of facilities to offer a variety of options for the Town will add to the attractiveness of the community as a place to live and work.

Recreation Zone Improvement Plan (PDF)

This plan establishes new park and recreation standards for Brownsburg and recommends a Recreation Impact Fee that would be necessary in order to achieve the Town of Brownsburg's Park and Recreation standards with the forecasted growth.

Brownsburg Parks Strategic Master Plan (PDF)

The Town of Brownsburg Parks and Recreation Department Strategic Master Plan provides the Department a roadmap for addressing community needs for the next five years. This plan details the current state of the system while identifying focus areas based on a comprehensive assessment of community priorities.

Ronald Reagan Master Plan (PDF)

This report documents the process of the development of a master plan for the new twelve-mile Ronald Reagan Parkway just east of Indianapolis. The new planned roadway will serve as a major north-south connector in Hendricks County, connecting Interstate 70 and the Indianapolis International Airport on the south end to Interstate 74 and beyond on the north. The Ronald Reagan Corridor Design Guidelines are an essential component of the Ronald Reagan Corridor Master Plan. Design Guidelines provide the unique opportunity to influence the visual character of the parkway before it is built by promoting high quality, and unique design treatments that reinforce the community's vision for the corridor.

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (PDF)

This Sanitary Sewer Master Plan update provides recommendations for the expansion of Brownsburg's sewer system.

Thoroughfare Plan (PDF)

A Thoroughfare Plan is a transportation planning tool that describes how a transportation system needs to be configured to support the community's future needs. As part of the Town's Comprehensive Plan, it is based on the Land Use Plan and designates which routes need to be dedicated as "Thoroughfares" so the Town of Brownsburg can adopt appropriate right-of-way and roadway design standards. A Thoroughfare Plan considers all modes of transportation which are or could be, made available to the public.

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Expansion Master Plan (PDF)

The capital improvements to the WWTP will allow the Town of Brownsburg to accept the increased flow from an industrial user's facility expansion and extend sewer service to currently unsewered areas of Brownsburg. Brownsburg expects a steady increase in population and an increase in commercial users in the future. The WWTP expansion plans for increased flow from more users and for extending sewer service to accommodate residential, commercial, and industrial growths.