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As recorded in history -

  • In 1920, the Volunteer Fire Department in Brownsburg had a two-wheel cart that was pulled by hand to the scene of fires.  A water system was installed around 1923 at which time the town had in operation a Model T Ford with hose, extinguishers, and a soda-acid tank.

  • On January 28, 1942, the first meeting was held to discuss organization of the Brownsburg Fire Department.  Then on June 1, 1942, the newly organized Volunteer Fire Department met to appoint officers.

  • On March 2, 1944, a meeting was held to discuss fire protection for the rural communities.  Brown and Lincoln Townships would assist in purchasing a new fire truck.

  • Late 1944, the town took delivery of a 1942 Chevrolet 1-ton pumper.

  • The Town of Brownsburg adopted an ordinance on May 6, 1945, which provided for fire protection for Lincoln and Brown Townships.

  • Sometime between May and June 1946, the Town built its first official fire station just west of the water tower.

  • September 1948, the Fire Department received a new Ford fire truck.

  • On March 12, 1951, the Brownsburg Volunteer Fire Department receives a Class A Rating.  Brownsburg was one of only four departments in the state granted the Class A rating.

  • The Brownsburg Fire Department put its first rescue squad in service on November 10, 1959.

  • On December 16, 1962, the fire department opened a new fire station to replace the previous station that they had outgrown.

  • On September 25, 1965, the town accepted a bid for it's first ambulance, a 1963 Cadillac Ambulance.  The ambulance was equipped with a resuscitator and first-aid equipment.

  • In September 1969, the department received a new 1969 Squirt.  Shortly after, the department received a second ambulance, a 1967 Cadillac Ambulance.

  • In December 1973, the Brownsburg Fire Department purchased it's first Hurst Rescue Tool.

  • In January 1974, seven Brownsburg firefighters enrolled in the area's first EMT course.

  • Brownsburg's 1974 Dodge ambulance was delivered on July 19, 1974.

  • The 911 system went on-line in September of 1976.

  • A new fire engine was delivered on December 22, 1975.

  • January 1, 1979, Brownsburg Fire Department's first full-time chief starts.

  • The department took delivery on its 1982 Mini-Pumper in the fall of 1982.  A new Fire Chief's vehicle, a 1982 Ford Bronco, was also purchased towards the end of 1982.

  • The department received a new Pierce Dash Pumper on May 19, 1986.  It replaced a 1962 Ford. The delivery of a new tanker occurred on January 23, 1987.

  • January 1988, the Brownsburg Fire Department hired its first and second full-time firefighters.  A third full-time firefighter was hired January 1989.

  • January 1991, the fire department brought on 6 new firefighters.  At the same time they went to 24-hour shifts, having 3 firefighters on each shift.  One person on each shift was a paramedic.

  • July 1992, Brownsburg Fire Department received a Marion / International rescue truck.

  • The fire department purchased a new Chevrolet Blazer in 1992.  They also received a 1986 Chevrolet Suburban, which was donated to use as a non-transporting paramedic truck.

  • By 1995 the Brownsburg Fire Department and the community it serves was growing rapidly.  This is when one of the biggest events in the department's history occurred.  The department, along with Indiana Legislators, established the state's first Fire Protection Territory.  The new fire territory law established a centralized governing body for the (now) Brownsburg Fire Territory, who covers not only the Town of Brownsburg, but also Brown Township and Lincoln Township.

  • In 1995, Brownsburg Fire opened it's second fire station, which was built in Brown Township to help cover the North end of the district. 

  • In 1997, Brownsburg Fire Territory opened a new fire station.  This station was built in town and sat where the previous station had been located.  This new station was a shared building between Brownsburg Police and Brownsburg Fire.  

  • As of 2003, Brownsburg Fire Territory had 3 fire engines, 1 ladder truck, 1 heavy rescue, 1 water tanker, 1 grass truck, 4 ambulances, and 1 Battalion Chief's vehicle.  Brownsburg Fire also employed 54 full-time firefighters, covering 3 different shifts at 2 fire stations.

  • Brownsburg Fire Territory Headquarters and Training Facility opened in April 2004. The Training Center is used to educate and prepare fire fighters and emergency medical technicians. There are classrooms and exterior training equipment available for all Hendricks County Fire Departments.

  • Brownsburg Fire Territory opened Station 133 at 6535 N.1000 E in March 2007. It houses 1 engine and 1 ambulance. Brownsburg Fire Territory now has 3 fire stations covering 52 square miles in Lincoln and Brown Township and the Town of Brownsburg.

  • As of 2010, Brownsburg Fire Territory has 4 fire engines, 1 ladder truck, 1 heavy rescue, 1 grass truck, 4 ambulances, and 1 Battalion Chief vehicle. There are 87 fire fighters, civilian medics and administrative staff serving Lincoln and Brown Townships and the Town of Brownsburg

Chief From To

Otis Gray

1920 1927

J.H. Brown

1927 1935
Russell Wiley 1936 1937
Harold Hughes 1938 1943
Ed Blanck 1943 1946
John L. Roark 1946 1947
Ed King 1948 1971
Kenneth Krohne 1971 1976
Reginald Lovell 1976 1978
Ronald Stanley 1978 1984
Frank Collier 1985 1987
Thomas Drake 1988 1989
Glen Bailey 1990 1995
Frank Livingston 1995 1997
Mike Rosemeyer 1997 2007
Oran True 2007 2011
William Brown 2012 Present

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